A message from our Director

I have been privileged to be instrumental in the foundation of Rast Education Group and its growing portfolio of schools and can say unequivocally that the culture and ethos implicit in the foundation of these schools is unique in the international education sector. Before accepting the position of Director of Education at Rast, I had worked for many years in both teaching and management roles at some of the most prestigious international schools worldwide and have been able to take the best of that experience and apply it to the creation of a ground-breaking educational group of schools here at Rast. At the heart of the vision of the Rast Education Group is the enshrinement of the special value of each and every child in our schools and a commitment to enable each child to achieve their very best potential. This commitment is shown not just in our insistence on the highest standards of academic excellence but also in our whole-school ethos of personal growth and development for every single one of our students. Care for our students well-being lies at the very heart of our educational vision.


In order to put this vision into practise, I personally instigated a teacher recruitment process that sought to employ only the most professional and highly qualified international teachers, who were both specialists in their field and also shared our commitment to excellence in teaching standards. Teaching staff within the schools are supported by a comprehensive programme of professional development so that we can ensure that the latest and most effective pedagogical practises are promoted within the schools to serve as the engine in the implementation of the English International curricula that are used in the schools.


We are proud to announce that we work closely with the British Council and are accredited to deliver both the Cambridge and the Oxford international curricula in all of our schools, in addition to all the other English National curricula. This breadth of curricular resources and pedagogy enables us to deliver to our students a world-beating educational experience that equips our students with the broadest range of subject knowledge and critical thinking skills currently available in educational establishments across the region and world-wide. The English education system is widely lauded for providing the most intellectually mature and academically excellent foundation for further study at University level. If you choose to send your child to one of our schools, we can promise that the education that every student receives within our portals will enable them to progress to a University-level education at any of the world-ranking Tertiary education institutions and to achieve at every level of their educational journey the highest laurels thereby fitting them for a bright future in the 21st century global professional and working environment.




Ms Sudipta Talapatra,



Director of Education, Rast Education Group.