A message from our CEO

When it comes to selecting the best school for your child, you will naturally look out for a trustworthy educator with a proven track record. Rast Education Group is a provider of world-class education in Kurdistan and internationally. Dohuk British International School was the second school opened by the Rast Education Group and is aimed at addressing the growing demand in this vibrant city for high standards of academic excellence and an ethos whereby all students are encouraged to achieve beyond their best.


The Rast Education schools all follow the English National Curriculum, adapted to the international context, and are accredited by the Cambridge International Examinations Board. The English National Curriculum is in demand around the world for its focus on high academic standards and for the way in which it develops the students' capacity for critical thinking and personal confidence. The curriculum followed in the schools will prepare your child for entrance into the International GCSE at 16 and post-16. The IGCSE is the most highly regarded of examinations world-wide and is an ideal preparation for further education in any of the world's leading Universities.


As a company based in Kurdistan, we at Rast Education believe passionately in the importance of education in the life of a nation. Through the development of the Rast British International Schools, we intend to promote the best that there is in the English Educational system and to inculcate the highest international standards of teaching practice amongst all of our staff. If you should make the decision to apply for your child to attend one of our portfolio of educational establishments,this commitment to excellence enables us to guarantee to you, as a parent, that the academic future of your child is at the heart of our business ethos. The education that your child will receive at a Rast British International School will provide them with the qualifications and the personal qualities to excel at their post-18 academic career in any of the top international universities, and thereby to enter into their professional life with the tools to achieve their highest possible career path.


We look forward to welcoming your child to the Rast family of educational excellence and personal growth.


Highest Regards,


Mr Shaun M Pender,



CEO Rast Education Group.