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Food in school

School meals are a great way to ensure your child is eating a healthy and well balanced meal during the day.  All food is freshly prepared and cooked on the school premises.


Our school tuck shop is open daily selling fresh fruit and vegetables to all children priced at 15p per item.


School meals

Our canteen staff are proud to produce delicious school dinners that are planned in accordance with the food standards agency requirements.  There is always a choice of food available and children are encouraged to try new foods.  Fruit and vegetables are included in the menu every day.  Water is provided for the children to drink.


Looking to the future...


Putting life in your days and days on your life.

Children’s understanding of the importance of a balanced diet is emphasised during science and PSHE lessons in every year group. Children are taught to eat healthily, get regular exercise and look after their teeth.